Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Party-What to Bring

Ready for the holiday party? Giving, crafting, fun and eating will definitely be part of the evening. Please remember to support the EXPRESS INN. Bring new underwear and socks for the residents there so their holiday will be brighter. Residents range in age from 0 to 80, male and female, single, marrieds and even families. A box will be by the door as you enter our meeting so just drop your donations when you arrive.

To join in the fun during the meeting you will be to bring a few things to work with:
+ pencil
+scissors to cut paper
+scissors to cut felt
+glue (any small bottle of Elmer's will do)
+Needle to handle two strands of floss
+thimble, if you use one
+a few pins

Any questions please do not hesitate to call Lyn Seaver, 266-6782

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