Sunday, January 24, 2010

Guild Challenges for 2010

UFO Challenge - It’s time to clean out that closet again! Make a list of those unfinished projects that are hanging over your head. Clear your conscious of those purchases you just had to have and haven’t gotten around to yet because you found something else to make. Join us for the 1st UFO Challenge.

How it works: Bring a list of unfinished projects with your name and phone number to the January or February meeting. -For each item on your list, bring a Batik fat quarter to put in the drawing. - Finish your project (s) by November 2010 meeting. -Bring each finished project to the Challenge table to be checked off your list. (Finished means quilted and bound) Show it off in Show ‘n Tell. (not a requirement). -Fill out a ticket for each finished project and put in basket. -Drawing will be held at the November meeting. Five bundles of fat quarters will be given as prizes. The more you finish, the better your chances are to win Batik fat quarters.

View from a Window
- You are invited to develop a piece from a view. The “view” could be determined in one of several ways: a real view window or a totally imaginary view from an imaginary window. Picture examples will be available at meetings.

How it works:
The only ‘rule’ is that the piece has to look like a “window” in some way.

Round Robin – American Medallion Friendship

How it works: Bring a completed center block to our next meeting (February). The center block is the design of your choice. It may be any size between 12 inches and 18 inches square. (The center block, all borders, cornerstones, or whatever should be carefully squared each step of the project.)

Put your block in a box or bag with any fabrics that you want included in the borders. (If you do not include fabrics, the person adding the border will select and supply fabric of her choice.) Include a disposable flash camera if you want a record of each step in the creation of your top. The quilt top belongs to the person who made the center. You will need to choose your own group for this Round Robin and will need 4 quilters.

Borders should be between 3 inches and 6 inches wide. Exchanges follow:
1.(February) Center block – owner of quilt
2. (April) Round 1 – pieced border, triangles
3. (June) Round 2 – appliquéd border
4. (August) Round 3 – pieced border, rectangles
5. (October) Round 4 – embellishment or border of your choice

What is a Round Robin Quilt Exchange?
You design the starter block for your quilt. This establishes the color choice and theme of your quilt. You send your block to another person in the group. They work on your quilt while you work on a border for another member of this group. Each person in the group is working on someone’s quilt. At a pre-set timeline, you exchange the quilt you were working on to the next person in the Round Robin Quilt Exchange. You then receive a new quilt to work on the next border. Please consider: The skill level of the Quilters. It is more rewarding to be with other quilter of your similar skill level. Of course, everyone’s skill level is based on his or her own judgment. You will need to choose your own group for this Round Robin and will need 4 quilters. You must commit to completing each round on time! Your delay in exchanging the quilt on time will impact others in the group.

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