Saturday, June 19, 2010

Guild Meeting Minutes, June 10

Meeting was called to order at 6:30 by the President.

We had no guests and no new members. We have 78 members

Laurel Hoppes announced that you can still do the challenges for this year. If you don’t have your special block to her you can still mail it.

TREASURERS REPORT: Our operating account is $13613.94 and our raffle account has a balance of $4337.27.

PROGRAMS: Joanne announced we will have some changes to the program schedule. In August Karen Pharr will do a trunk show and on August 14, 2010 she will do a workshop on Window Landscapes. The cost of the workshop is $40.00 and will be held from 10:00 to 5:00pm. November Jean Ann Wright will be our speaker she does lectures and dresses according to the era.

BLOG: Mary has changed the blog so everybody go check it out. The address is Mary has added a page of links to the blog.

BLOCK OF THE QUARTER: We did the drawing for the block of the quarter. It was won by Barb Czarniecki.

CHARITY QUILTS : Mary Hattick showed two charity quilts and Jeanie Brooks also shared a charity quilt.

MONTHLY RAFFLE: Jean and Becky sold tickets for our monthly raffle. The raffle gift was a beautiful flower basket donated by Tanya Santini. We made $48.00. The raffle was won by Angela Gilpin.

CHARM STRIPS: Sophie announced we need more people to participate in the Stripping. Next months strips will be red,white, and blue.

SECRET PALS: Sophie announced we will reveal secret pals next month and if would be nice if you brought a nice thank you gift for your secret pal. We will also choose new secret pals for the next six months.

OLD BUSINESS: None reported

RAFFLE QUILT: Debbie Korrell has tickets available for members to pick up and sell. Due to lack of interest from the crafters the craft sale at Bancroft Park has been canceled on June19. Thank you to everyone who signed up. They will still hold the one August 14 to show our raffle quilt and sell tickets. Thank you to everyone who volunteered.

COMFORT QUILT COMMITTEE: Anyone who would like to make Friendship Blocks for people who are ill in our guild can get information from Bonnie. Patty Loewenkamp is the committee chair person.

HOSPITALITY: We have ladies signed up to do our July birthday party. We will have a pot luck and the guild will provide the cake and ice cream.

NEW BUSINESS: Debbie Korrell announced she will not run for secretary next year and we also need someone to do our monthly raffle. There will be a Quilt Show in the Springs in 2011.

SHOW & TELL : Joanne Anderson, Pat Ritchie, Debbie Jacobs, Cheryl Griffin, Laurel Hoppes, Kathy Barrett, Kathy LaFrance, and Bev Haring all shared show and tell.

DOOR PRIZES: Door Prizes were won this month by, Joanne Anderson, Laural Hoppes ,Michelle Hankins, Susan Reed Throckmorton, Lyn Seaver, Debbie Jacobs, Kathy Dailey, Mary Rutner, Kathy Barrett, Jeanie Brooks, Bev Haring, and Sophie Hamilton. If you’re a winner this month please don’t forget to bring door prizes to the July meeting.

NEW BUSINESS: We started a guild library this month. Debbie Korrell had offered to store the books and Mary Hattick will create the database. Please bring any quilt books next month you would like to donate to the library. The list of books available are on the blog. Look for the link on the right side.

In July at the birthday party we will have an oriental auction and people will get a number and you get to pick a gift and unwrap. The "gifts" will be a UFO that is unfinished that you have given up on. You can exchange your gift up to 3 times only.

PROGRAM: Our program this month was presented by members of the guild. Bev Haring shared beading on your quilt, Barb Czarniecki showing us how to do bindings, Kathy Barrett demonstrated paper piecing, and Mary Hattick demonstrated Stack and Whack. It was really a fun night and I learned a lot about all of the different subjects.

Kathy Barrett will take meeting minutes in July as I will be out of town.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by Debbie Korrell

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