Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First United Methodist Church-proposed meeting space

I went and visited the church today to look at the space they are proposing. It is the Parlor (and the Parlor Kitchen). It measures approximately 30 feet wide by 50 feet long, and there is a small kitchen attached. There is a table always set up just outside the kitchen door where we can put our food. The picture below shows the kitchen door and the table set up outside. (If you want to see larger pictures, click on any of them)

The room is at the south end of the church building, and most of the parking is at the north end. There is a door not far from the room, and about 6 stairs to walk up from the street. It is half a floor above street level. I measure using google earth, and it looks like the walk from the north parking lots to the room is about 500 feet. There is an elevator if you're coming in from the north (the long way) but I'm not sure about the south.

 To the right is a diagram of the first floor and where the room is. If you click on it you'll get much more detail. The green line is the path to walk to get the room. Below are more pictures of the room. The staff at the church will set up chairs, tables and the sound system and take them down.  There are four couches in the room and various other coffee tables and side tables. They would remain in the room, the center portion would be used to set up the chairs. The maintenance person I talked to said that they would put tables where we wanted. If we need a projector to connect to a laptop, and a screen they will also set that up. The middle section where the chairs would go is about 20 feet wide by 40 feet long. A very rough estimate of the space we currently use is about 20 by 40.  Remember we are voting in November to decide which space we are going to use next year.
 This is the view, standing at the south end of the room looking north.
 Here is the street view (from Boulder) looking at the door to enter and walk up the stairs.
 Here is the view standing in the northeast corner of the room. The entry door is the one to the right, behind the lamp.
 Here is the kitchen. It is quite small, but does have the basics. I forgot to ask about an ice-machine.
This is the southeast corner of the room. the widows look out east on Nevada.

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