Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Board Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Laural Hoppes at 6:15 pm on May 5, 2011 at Ruth’s Stitchery.  Present were: Laural Hoppes, Susan Reed-Throckmorton, Jeanie Brooks, Cindy Pring, Ann Seymoure and Debby Pyaett.  

A vote was taken by the voting members to change the time of the meetings to 6:30 pm in the future. 
Raffle Quilt sales at CQC in Golden was $50.00.  The next venue in is Greeley and Ann Seymoure has said she will attend to sell raffle tickets.  We will be able to sell tickets at the Rockledge event in Sept.  We will ask for volunteers to help out at the next meeting.  We discussed the new Quilting Bee at Rockledge and Laural will address it at the meeting also.  We are going to try and put the raffle quilt at Ruth’s in May and NaLa’s quiltique in July, in addition to the other places we have booked. 
Programs are going well, and Jeanie is working on 2012 speakers.  She has just a few slots left for new speakers.  Jeanie has asked to have the contract cleaned up and Laural has volunteered to type up the changes for her.  The flyer is done for the next workshop; flyers will be available at the meeting and will be put on the blog/newsletter also.  

It was brought to our attention that members are asking for the “bookmark” we have used in the past with speakers.  The board decision was to print the bookmark, but make it more generic so changes can be made for cancellations of speakers.  

By-Laws committee will meet next week and now has 6 members. 
It was discussed that we will look for an additional venue for the charity quilts that will accept “tied” quilts.  Several members have mentioned to board members they wish to “tie” the quilts.  We also discussed having a Charity Quilting Bee at a quilt shop to make quilts. 
Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm. 

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