Wednesday, June 8, 2011

July Birthday Party – July 14th

Another year of friendship and its well worth celebrating.  Since the UFO project exchange from last year was so much fun, Marie and I have decided to repeat the success.   The only change would be that the item is quilt related.  This insures that all participants receive something they truly can use in some form.  Not all of us are cross-stitch, needlepoint, etc. interested but we are all quilt gifted.   If you don’t have an UFO (who are you kidding!) that’s ok.  Just enjoy the fun of seeing truly ugly/awesome items that come out of those bags.  Just put your project in a bag of some sort and seal it so there is no peeking beforehand.  If you receive something that just won’t work for you, save it for next year or donate to a worthy charity in your neighborhood.  Keep it and we want to see later what was done with the gift.  If it looks terrible – we can keep a secret and get a good laugh looking at it.

Now the important topic – food.  To make a great variety for us to sample, please try to follow the list below.  If the item doesn’t work, just exchange with someone.
A:   Breads
B – F:  Salads
G – K:  Main dish
L – P:   Appetizer
R – Z:  Veggie dish
Don’t worry about dessert, that is already taken care of with a large birthday cake.
Marie and I have decided to include an additional game and everyone gets a special treat with a few receiving an extra special treat.  Come to the party and see what’s in store for you.  It will be lots of fun.

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