Monday, January 16, 2012

Board Minutes for January 2012

January Board Meeting:  Gloria Lesher

We met January  5, 2012, at Ruth’s at 4:30.     Members present were:  Bonnie Burt, Ann Seymoure, Eddie Gray,  Angela Gilpin, Kathi LaFrance, Barb Rhoads, Laural Hoppes, Jeanie Brooks, Cheryl  Ross,       Susan Reed-Throckmorton,  Mary Hattick, Mary Ruttner,  Cindy Pring and Gloria Lesher

Bonnie would like a welcoming committee to greet new members at meetings.  Bonnie requested that we estimate our financial needs for our 2012 budget so this can be discussed at our February board meeting and printed in the March newsletter.  The by-laws committee will also publish proposed changes in the March newsletter.   We discussed which committees need to be filled and the need for some of our members to attend game manager training.

Cheryl  Ross, Barb Rhoads and Susan Reed-Throckmorten reported on the records inspection of our finances and all was found to be in order.  We discussed  committee budgets, receipts and invoices.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:54 pm.

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