Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quilt-a-Fair Quilt Show, 2012

April, 2012--Quilt-a-Fair Quilt Show, 2012
            Curator, Laural Hoppes

            Quilt-a-Fair is just around the corner, well at least 5 months away. Please let me know that you will participate with a quilt or two to be hung at the show. You can call and leave a message (536-0577) or send me an email ( You can then turn in the paperwork (due by August 26th) when you know about the quilt you wish to display, or sooner if you know which one you are going to display.
            The display is an exhibit, -- no judging, just an exhibit for a large crowd of attendees to see our guilds quilts.
            When considering participating please keep the following in mind.
First, this does not have to be a new quilt. You can display any quilt you have made that you would like to share with us. It could have been made anytime in the past. You can, of course, have just made the quilt too.
Second, we would prefer the twin size 72” X 90”, and up.
Third, quilts must have a 4” sleeve and identification information (name, address, phone#) on the back of the quilt.
Fourth, the quilts will be hung high up in the convention center, so please have bright designs – white on white or light pastels will probably not show up. Also no tied quilts.
Lastly, all quilts must be in a cloth bag like a pillow case, with identification written on the cloth.
            This is an enormous honor to be selected to hang our guild’s quilts at the show, we haven’t been asked since the 1980s!  Let’s make it a picturesque show of our quilts.

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